Hell Hath No Fury


Oh, what glorious temptation I have found!

Lips that taste of nectars the Gods have yet to find

Eyes that hold more passion than a thousand fires in Hell

You make me feel so combustible

Your touch is hell-bent on devouring my soul

Patience love, I’m sure I’ll let you have ALL of me

To be near you is like being lifted into the Heavens

But I should have known, you are no angel

You’ve shown your true face, spawned from the fires of Hell

Your grand and delicious delusions are set out to convince me I’ve gone mad

Your acrid breath drips down my face

I can’t help but shudder and repress a scream as I try to escape

But your hands slip around my neck like a noose

I love the way your hands feel on my flesh even as I can feel the bones begin to crack

Death rushes in as time runs out

My sudden anger is righteous and I am just

A dark and dangerous temptation, breeding lust and false hope no more

I may be the one on the floor, but you can GET OUT the door!

Oh dear God, What have I done?

I was foolish to think that I could win.

My life means little when the Devil just killed my unborn child

Eyes hold more tears than a thousand suns

Many storms beneath the surface rage

I swear, you’ll pay for what you’ve done

You could’ve had me completely

But you messed with the wrong heart

Now you’ll spend a lifetime always looking over your shoulder

Because your carelessness prompted me to ignite

Remember, wherever you go……..

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned



One thought on “Hell Hath No Fury

  1. I loved your poem! From reading your words it sounds as if you have had your fair share of suffering and are choosing to use your pain for healing:) Right there with you!

    I am writing to you because I had a lifetime of choosing sociopathic men, only of course at the time I had no conscious awareness of this! I didn’t even know what a sociopath was! Since then, I have finally published my book, twenty years in the making. As you might imagine it took so long because I thought my purpose was healing THEM, rather than healing ME. I was a bit of a slow learner, but I am awake now and am on a mission to help others awaken!

    I wrote this book, intended to be a guide to help people move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom. My book, Me and My Shadow, explores my path to freedom, divulging universally applicable guidance, pierced with personal illustrations allowing others to find Freedom.

    In an effort to heal and awaken as many people as possible, I am directing my efforts towards sites and people who also have a vision of awaking others to the path to feeling and healing.

    I hope you will considering checking out my book and if it offers you value, that perhaps you will consider inspiring others to read it.

    Congratulations on the work that you have done and are doing and your willingness to be vulnerable and share your inner most feelings! I started a blog today, although I really don’t know precisely what I am doing! My website is http://www.standingup.us. my blog and my book are available through that website and my book is also available through Amazon.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, thoughts or feedback!!

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