The bitter taste of morning mocks me.

Under the radiant magnification of the sun’s colorful beams

bursting through the pre-dawn clouds,

I feel so small – insignificant.


Here, in the in-between, I wait with baited Breath;

hoping the dawn might deliver more than its usual malcontent.

But who would I be kidding?

My prayers for salvation fall upon the deaf.

I’m nothing but a pesky fly shoed away from God’s side.

Today will be just like all the rest.


The sun has breached its crest, and my heart aches behind my breast.

I feel like scrambled eggs stuck to this Petri dish they call life.

No purpose, no meaning.

Oh, how I hate the light.

If there is a God, Please

Let me slink back into the night

where the darkness doesn’t mock the emptiness within,

and welcomes those of us who are imperfect;

perfectly torn apart from within.


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