The Journey

This journey
In all its pain and glory
Is worth the thousands of petulant tears
That rest upon wind stroked cheeks
For each salty drop
My Reason

Memories boil to the surface
Waspish, relentless in their sting
Leave me gasping for breath
I endure each excruciating step
Because you walk beside me
But Never Forgotten

Your strength imbibes me
Offering invisible wings to carry me through
Your memory provides purpose
Reviving tired muscles
Invigorating a soul otherwise depleted
I remember
The reason

Too many stories linger upon parched lips
Few answers find those left behind
Death believes itself an art
Cancer’s an enemy that has cut us to the quick
But this band of warriors will not quit
We remember
The reason

Feet are a flurry of furious motion
Pounding against the pavement
Rain or shine passion drives our souls
To honor the living and respect the dead
To remember
The reason

Though the reason undeniably drives us
Providing strength and resolve amidst the storm
It’s the journey that forever becomes etched
like finite lines of ebony traced upon the heart
Through life’s ups and downs we become
Living, breathing
Works of art


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