Under The Rubble

Under the rubble my hands tremble
Not with fear
But with anger
And the weight
Of overwhelming sorrow

People pretend to love
They use the word like a fork,
Seeking to destroy
Knowing not what it means
to be human,
– To forgive

I was a fool
For needing acceptance,
A thing that would never come;
Their actions provide light:
They’d gladly leave me here to die
If it meant that they would shine

But I wasn’t born to cower
In the shadows of false Gods,
I was born to rise!
To stand firm upon my morals
My compass always true

Pain may be inevitable
Like sparks from a fire
Able to kill
Drive one to their greater purpose

From under the wreckage I will surface
To revel in the light of day
My conscience will be clean
My heart shall remain pure
A force to reckon with,
– Disposable no more

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